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Vikings and the artefacts they left us behind

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The main part of my website - segment

The artefacts- consists a digital exhibition of my collection viking (age) artefacts in their context with detailled describtion and how they were used in every day viking-life.


Scroll down the whole pages to read more about the specific artefact, how it was used or the specific mythology (story) behind it. For over 1000+ years old, they tell us pretty much how present society and people are acting.. be surprised how little had changed and sounds familiar..


My blog can be seen clicking on the BLOG button just left above my personal card. Here I will publish a blog every week with a wink or a more serious observation of a specific artefact. Each blog has a link on bottom to the prior blog.


In the section Shop I intend to put one or two items for sale !


Attention: the artefacts under the section The Artefacts are NOT for sale !



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The man and his hobby

"Why interested in vikings ?"

Well, I guess every man approching it's 40-ies has a right for developing a strange hobby. It thrills me more than the collecting of sugar sackets.

Seriously: I have always been attached to history, and in general the period from 500 - 1200. The Frankish/merovingian period and then the viking period. Collecting artefacts just have seemed to pop up out of the blue . The viking craftmanship in several to considered styles I find very acctractive. Compared to the number of Roman artefacts p.e. the vikings - although excavated intensively the last 25/35 years - always stayed a sort of elusive and mysterious to us what sets them apart of other cultures.


Under the section About something about myself and 'why this website'


The section Useful links on the About page gives an selection (not exhaustive !) list of:

- Musea outside Holland where one can see artifacts of vikings and how they lived;


- Books about vikings to read;


- Viking sites you can visit throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany. I have made an beginning and add places to visit in the course of time...


Travelling to the vikings

Part of the hobby is travelling to northern countries and visiting sites where vikings lived and museums with their heritage. In this part I will take you with me on several journeys and show you what to see there and it's background.


Under the section Travelling to vikings there are stories about my journeys to countries where a lot of viking sites can be seen.

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