Anglo-Scandinavian Viking God Thor Punch Die

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a combination of the two names of archeologists/detectoristst who excavated the scene, to keep the findspot secret.




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Anglo-Scandinavian 'Ainsbrook Hoard' punch die
Anglo-Scandinavian 'Ainsbrook Hoard' punch die

Anglo-Scandinavian / Viking 'Ainsbrook Hoard' Punch Die

Copper-alloy, 46.37 grams, 30.98 mm. 10th-11th century AD. A cast copper-alloy punch die formed as a sturdy column with raised facial features on one end and a spread and flattened surface at the other. The face is D-shaped with one elliptical and one circular eye, u-shaped nose, elliptical mouth and radiating lines for the beard and hair. The die, bearing a positive impression, may have been used to decorate thin metal sheets. The item was found with the Ainsbrook Hoard, a collection of mainly 10th century metalwork probably part of the stock of a Viking merchant with links to both Scandinavia and Ireland. The face may represent the god Þórr (Thor) who was the patron of farmers, artisans and traders and is usually represented as a powerful male with a prominent beard. Reference: Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010 p.14. Extremely fine condition. Provenance: found 'Ainsbrook', UK.


An intruiging piece of art wich deserves more research and reference..