Anglo-Scandinavian 'Urnes Style' Mount

Viking Anglo-Scandinavian 'Urnes Style' Mount


Copper-alloy, 8.76 grams, 35.67 mm. 11th century AD. A heavy cast openwork mount depicting a beast with open jaws encircling the hole for the attachment rivet, its long slender body curled into an s-configuration and enmeshed in its own lappet. The mount is plain and flat on the reverse, with a protective triangular panel at the lower edge, mirrored on the obverse. The Urnes Style appeared in the 11th century, too late to have much influence over mainstream Anglo-Saxon decoration although its effects can be detected in some manuscript illuminations.


Reference: cf. Backhouse, J. Turner, D.H. & Webster, L. The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 966-1066, London, 1984, item 109. Very fine condition, much better than photographed.

Provenance: found Hampshire before September 2003.






















Viking mount

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