Finno-Ugrian Perm Animal style bracelet and amulet


Finno-Ugrian / Perm Animal style artefacts.


Just lately I got interested in so called Perm Animal Style artefacts. These are rare kind of artefacts (even more rare than Viking artefacts) wich are found in the western Siberian area of Russia where Finno-Ugrian tribes lived also during the Viking Age. The artefacts shown beneath are from the Viking period. Though they are not viking, I think they are a not be missed link in my collection of artefacts from the Viking Age as the vikings defintely came in contact (and traded) with this tribe(s) living in this distinct area.


The clear animal style wich can be seen in their intriguing artefacts has a direct link in the often anamalistic style of the Scandinavian, Anglo-Scandinavian, Hiberno-Norse, and Rus Scandinavians.



The artefacts were found alltogether not far from the city of Turinsk, the Sverdlovsk region.




Drevnee iskusstvo narodov Prikam'ia. Permskii zverinyi stil'.. (Russian) Hardcover – 1976

by Oborin V. page 84/85 (plate 23.6).  


Sedov, B.B. Finno-Ugri i Balti v Epokhi Srednevekovija, Moscow, 1987


Chudskie drevnosti Rifeia: Permskii zverinyi stil = The animal style of Perm (Iskusstvo Prikamia) (Russian Edition) (Russian) Hardcover – 1987

Photo: the city of Turinsk.


The name Perm is of Finno-Ugric etymology, likely of Uralic origin (Komi-Permyak: Перем, Perem; Komi: Перым, Perym). Komi is a member of the Permic group of Finno-Ugric languages, which is also named for Perm. In Finnish and Vepsian perämaa means "far-away land"; similarly, in Hungarian perem means "edge" or "verge".

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