Viking 'Ship-shaped' Strap End
Viking 'ship-shaped' strap end

Viking 'ship-shaped' strap end


Copper-alloy, 14.89 grams, 62.97 mm. 11th century AD.


An unusual zoomorphic strap-end modelled in the round. The upper terminal displays a three-lobed design with ribbed detailing along the sides. This extends along the length of the main body which features folded wings and lobed shoulders. At the lower end, a skilfully modelled neck develops at right-angles to the body, arching gracefully down to a robust animal-head finial with open mouth and exteded tongue. Aspects of the detailing recall Ringerike style, such as the semi-naturalistic treatment of the animal's head and wings.


Reference: cf. the animal-head detailing on the ring-pin from Bomloy, Hordaland in Franceschi, G., Jorn, A. & Magnus, B. Fuglen, Dyret og Mennesket i Nordisk Jernalderkunst Bind 2, Silkeborg, 2005, p.123. Good very fine condition. Found Norfolk.






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