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December 11th 2014




There were a viking man and woman...



The man was very vain and always combed his curled hair and moustache in the morning. Sometimes in the evening before going to dinner also !

What to give such a man for his birthday ? The woman deliberated and deliberated.


The month before his birthday she walked to the smith. 'Can you make the face of Thomsson with curly hair and moustache' she said. The smith looked up, surprised. He had never had such a proposition before. Never he had afterwards either. 'I do not have much to offer' said the woman, 'but I'd like to give him a personal present he will appreciate'.

'I'll try my dying best and make it for free' the smith said - lively jumping up in his head as this was a challenge in his bit unchalleging becoming life as a smith, smithing mostly horse shoes and sickles.


The woman walked out on the smith with joy in her heart and some expectations. The whole day she had a smile on her face with anticipatory pleasure. The man wondered wat caused her happiness..


Just over three weeks later the smith winked at her. 'It is finished' he said proudly.

She walked to his dark house with virtually no day light coming in, and against the flickering flames of the fire he showed a bronze shining object to her. She was lost for words.

The smith had made his 'piece de resistance', his 'magnus opus'. There was just the face of her man, with the bewildered curlings and moustache. She gave the smith ten kisses making him feel very shy.


The early morning of his birthday the man was awake early and combing his hair.

At that moment, the woman gave the present to him saying 'Doesn't he look much like you ?'

The man was baffled. He had never seen something like this. The comb fell out of his hand and he stood frozen.


In the afternoon he attached the piece at the harness of his horse and it shone in the sun. Then he jumped upon his horse, to show his birthday present to the whole village.

It was the 11th of December of the year 1014.


The smith wouldn't have to do boring smithing anymore. More people asked him to create a unique piece of art.


Sometimes nowadays, one is being found..

The artefacts....


On the subpages above, I will show a digital museum tour alongside my viking artefacts. Besides a detailled describtion, I will place them in their context of how they were used in every day viking life en add references to books where they are published in (or a similarlike example),literature, publications or studies when appropiate.


When I have questions about a type of artefact, I will mention so, and invite everyone to share his opinion.


The joy of collecting artefacts is holding an item + 1000 years old and be able to touch a mystery...


Who made it and for who ? How would the person have looked like who casted it.. ? Who buyed or received it and when ? Who whore it and what did other vikings think of the person who used the item.. where was it made/found (often not known precise). What is the meaning of some decorations on a piece ( we often do not know)..


And not the last.. what would the person to where it belonged to, would think of an middle aged man in Holland, holding it in his hands that 1000+ years later and wondering about al these mysteries... ?



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Viking tortoise brooch

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