Artifacts from the Viking Age

Viking artefacts

My collection artefacts I have catagorized here as follows:

- artefacts with a distinct Scandinavian/viking decoration and/or art style (found or originating from Scandinavia);

Viking brooch in Urnes style

Viking bird brooch of the late Viking Age

Viking trefoil brooch

Viking tortoise brooch

Viking golden beads from Gotland

Scandinavian viking bronze bangle

Viking silver twisted torc bracelet 

Viking silver bracelet with punched decoration

Viking animal-head shaped brooch 

Eastern Scandinavian type sword chape with falcon motif

Viking '5 lobed' sword pommel

Viking golden twisted ring

Viking silver Thor's hammer with golden balls

Viking horse harness pendant with image of Norse mythological wolves Skoll and Hati

- artefacts with an Anglo-Scandinavian art style (found or originating from England);

Anglo-Scandinavian horse cheek piece (part)

Anglo-Scandinavian horse strap junction with the possible image of Loki

Anglo-Scandinavian bronze brooch in Mammen style

Anglo-Scandinavian bronze mount in Urnes style with man with moustache

Anglo-Scandinavian 'embedded brooch' weight

Anglo-Scandinavian lozenge brooch in Borre style

Viking or Anglo-Scandinavian 'interlaced circle' lozenge brooch in Borre style

Viking bronze buckles from England

Viking 'ship-shaped' strap end

Viking 'openwork'key

Viking 'man and birds'strap end

Viking flint striker

Viking argricultural sickle

Viking embedded 'La Tene' spiral gaming piece

Viking inset chipped carved trefoil weight

Viking inset chip carving gaming piece

Viking embedded coin gaming piece

Viking turreted gaming piece

Viking St. Edmund Memorial penny

Viking 'Cunetti'penny

Viking penny of Aethelred (1)

Viking penny of Aethelred (2)

Viking penny of Aethelred (3)

Viking 'quatrefoil type'penny of Cnut

- artefacts with an Hiberno-Norse decoration and/or art style (found or originating from Ireland);

Hiberno-Norse kings of Dublin penny

Viking / Hiberno-Norse ring headed pin

Group of 'Hneftafl' Viking gaming pieces

Early medieval Irish drinking horn terminal

Late viking or Anglo-Norman horse bit cheek pieces

- artefacts with a Rus viking type of decoration and/or art style wich are found in present Russia or neigbouring countries like Ukrain, partly with a Scandinavian alike art style, partly with a distinct decoration or art style on itself from the Viking Age;

Rus-Viking or Scandinavian-Rus type sword chape in Borre style

Rus viking pendant with Odin and raven

Rus viking belt decoration

Rus viking Thor's hammer from necklace

Rus viking pendant with enamel

Rus viking enamelled stud from horse harness

Rus or Slavic horse harness pendant

Rus or Baltic pendant or amulet

Kievan-Rus viking cross pendant in Jellinge style

Rus-Scandinavian snake brooch

- artefacts with a decoration and/or art style wich are found among the Slavs, Balts-Finns and Finno-Ugrian tribes in the time the vikings lived.

Western Slavic goad of a prick spur

Baltic or eastern Rus sword chape with oriental palm motif

Baltic penannular brooch (1)

Baltic penannular brooch (2)

Baltic or Rus-Viking beads

Baltic Finns bird pendant from chain ornament

Baltic Finns tortoise brooch detail from chain ornament

Lead stone figurine from Latvia

Eastern Baltic viking ring (1)

Eastern Baltic viking ring (2) 

Baltic 'twisted wire'spiral ring

Baltic aviform bird mount or brooch

Baltic bronze belt mount

Baltic bronze bracelet (1)

Baltic bronze bracelet (2) 

Baltic fibula brooch 

Eastern type sword chape bird and trequeta type 

Viking braided silver bracelet

Finno-Ugric Perm animal style amulets and bracelets 

Finno-Ugric Perm animal style plaque with man and birds 

Finnic idol

Finnic or Finno-Ugric domed tortoise brooch in Borre style 

- artefacts with a (late) Saxon, Anglo-Norman or romanesque style (found in England)

Late viking or Anglo-Norman horse bridle cheek pieces

Norman or medieval romanesque buckle brooch

Medieval strap end in romanesque style

Late Saxon, viking or Anglo-Norman stirrup strap mounts

Late viking or romanesque horse harness pendant from the Viking Age found in the Netherlands.

NOTE: not all my artefacts had found their way to these section yet. Various items I have described in the blogs, other items have to be described keep an eye open for updates.

Viking tortoise brooch

Collecting artefacts makes it possible to hold a 1000 year old artefact in your hand and feel its magic and history.. every piece is carrying it's own always not 100% known, story.

That is the magic of it, the thrill of it all..



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