Blog March 13th 2015

Fig. 4: Examples of sword scabbard chapes from the Curonian-East Prussian group, subgroup b. 154 - Treyden, Livonia, Latvia; 155 - Dabrowo, Poznań, Poland; 156 - Treyden, Livonia, Latvia; 157 Passeln, Curonia, Latvia. (Taken from Paulsen, 1953)

It is not for sure if the sword scabbard chape of Ikšķile belonged to one of the brave warriors who tried to defend his homelands against the German invaders. If so, his efforts were in vain. The Teutonic Order was successful in occupying the region, which later developed to an important trading empire for wood and hemp until the 16th century. There are many other interesting objects telling us about the conflicts between ancient Latvian tribes and the Teutonic Order, but you may read more about this in the upcoming guest blogs...


[1] Peter Paulsen, 1953: Schwertortbänder der Wikingerzeit.

W.Kohlhammer Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany

The Map image was taken from Wikipedia and edited, the copyright for Fig. 2 is entitled to the author of the current article, whom I gratefully thanks. due to busy other activities, enabling me to write a blog of my own this week.

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Thomas Kamphuis, March 10th 2015.