Baltic penannular brooch 'twisted' type
Baltic viking penannular brooch

A Baltic-viking penannular brooch

Viking 'twisted' penannular brooch. Copper aloy, 44.93 grams, 59.69 mm. Circa 9th - 11th Century A.D. A twisted circular band of typical Viking form, as the ring terminates it tapers then expands into flat circular knobs. These are each decorated with a saltire and standard. The pin is decorated with the top being repouse with raised dots around the perimeter and a raised line down the centre. As the pin begins to taper there is a two tier triangle contain six pellets with a long line of pellets as the pin reaches its point. Very rare and in very fine condition.

The strong green patination on the artefact is common to viking artefacts found in the Baltic area. The lack of use of fertilizer have pereseved these artefacts often astonishingly well.

This penannular brooch was my first big purchase. Although brooches from this Baltic area are not superbe rare, this example I only came accross one or two times before.

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A "first love"  in my collection, wich I am still thrilled with..

Forged Baltic viking penannular brooch

How was it used.. ?

Both men and woman used penannular brooches. The crude examples were worn by the "average" viking man or female, the more elobarate by people of high status.

It was used for securing the clock or shawl.

How it was fastened is demonstrated on this website:

Link to demonstration how to fasten a penannular brooch cloak pin

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