Scandinavian viking bronze bangle Gotland type
Viking bronze bracelet bangle

Viking bronze bangle

10th century AD. A cast D-section bangle with expanding hoop segmented by three-line pelletted collars; the upper section with reserved transverse zigzag bands with pellet detailing, recesses with punched-point ornament; incised and punched trefoil motifs to the lower sections; mounted on a custom-made stand. Cf. the silver bracelet from Orupgård, Denmark, published in Franceschi, G., Asget, J. & Magnus, B. Fuglen, Dyret og Mennesket in Nordisk Jernalderkunst, vol.2 item 1. 169 grams, 12.5 cm including stand (5"). Property of an American collector; acquired before 2000.




Fine condition. Rare.

Image beneath: an overview of the distribution map of this specific kind of bangles on Gotland  in the Viking Age.

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