Blog April 3th 2015


The first image is bark scroll of the 10th century with a Viking ship image on it. It was found in Ladoga-Aldeigjuborg in 1984 by A.N. Kirpichnikov. He made this photo in 1984 and published it in Russian historical magazine Nashe Nasledie (Our Heritage) in #106 of 2013 edition.

The fourth photo shows the glass beads, but who made them - its a subject of dispute (Vikings, Finns, Slavs or others). The Russian science claims their Slavic-Finnish origin.

The main source of Valentin Sustov were the works of famous Russian archaeologist A.N.Kirpichnikov

Additional note and reference of myself:

See for the subject of dispute where artefacts in Russia originated from and one of the best books having been written on the presence of Scandinavians in Eastern Europe (attached as link)

Wladyslaw Duczko, Viking Rus: Studies on the Presence of Scandinavians in Eastern Europe, 2004

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