Dear all:

for consulting me for advice I ask a fee.

This is dependant on the time I need for research and giving you an advice.

For questions I satisfactally can reply to within an hour, I ask € 10 fee.

For requests for advice wich require over an hour work, we have to come to an agreement.

I am looking forward helping you.

Note: getting to know more about an object is priceless and adds intrinsic ánd financial value to the object one researches, has - or is planning - to buy or aquire. A good advice can protect you for buying an expensive "viking" object wich isn't viking or is false or a forgery.
Good advice on basis of 20 years of research and knowledge is priceless.

Voor lezingen vraag ik een standaardtarief van € 150 met daarnaast een reiskostenvergoeding, afhankelijk van de reisafstand.

'...hold the roots...'

'It is people like you who hold the roots and give back to many who thought they were lost'.

Rhiannon Scharfetter

- www.myskaldonur.com -