Viking silver twisted torc bracelet
Viking bracelet

Viking bracelet

Rare viking silver 'twisted' torc bracelet.

(image left in real proportions).

Silver, 15.33 grams, 63.81 mm. Circa 9th-10th century AD. The size of this piece indicates it was worn on the wrist of a female. As I suggest in a blog dedicated to this kind of small armrings, I do suggest a use for/by children.

See: The viking bracelet - as a rites of passage?

The bracelet is made up from pieces of thick silver wire twisted together and tapered at each end. Two terminals have been created using smaller gauge silver wire, this had been wrapped around the ends of the finished bracelet to secure the strands and to give a detailed spiral finish. A rare piece of Viking jewellry in extremely fine condition.

Provenance: Timeline Originals (2008), former: ex. Mitchell collection (as stated by Timeline Originals).