Blog February 26th 2015

Your Viking-Age artefact blog

The offer of writing a guest blog stands for always.. but.. to win the prize, your guest blog must be sent in at the latest Tuesday March 31th.

As one of my main goals is creating a digital 'longhouse' of contacts between Viking Age fanatics who are just stumbling around the corner as well as scholars who have studied the subject of our 'pretty disease' for years and years, this is my offer for this week.

So the question mark image.. it has two dimensions.

First of all.. there is no object this week, well at least, not yet !

As always I am wondering if I am the only collector or studying person devoted to Viking-Age artefacts and I know this question can already be answered as the same rethoric one as 'Is the pope catholic ?.

The deal..

So.. here's the deal..

I invite EVERYONE who like to draw attention to an artefact of the Viking-Age of his particular interest with the purpose of sharing it with .. well us, to say ! Us, all the people around the world literally, already reading this weekly blog.

Prize !

I will make it even a more thrilling challenge by giving away a prize for the most special co-blog written by you !

This prize will be a true authentic artefact from the Viking Age !

What it is ? That's the suprise to remain a surprise for a while..

So.. sail out with your ship and bring me a story on

I'll be awaiting your guest blog, wich I will publish. Of course there might be more guest blog contributants offers.. if so, I will publish them in the course of time also. prize or no prize ;)

Surprise, and you'll get surprised..

Thomas Kamphuis, February 26th 2015

UPDATE March 6th 2015: : the next 'regular' blog will be published at the latest March 13th next week ! YOUR blog ?