A viking 'twisted wire' ring
Viking 'twisted wire' ring

Rare Viking 'Twisted Wire' Ring

Copper alloy, 5.12 grams; 29.54 mm; internal 20.95 mm. US ring size 12; UK size X. Circa 10th century AD. A stunning and very intricate ring made up from four strands of copper twisted together to create one side of the shank; half way, the strands are separated and smaller strands of wire have been rapped round to form a very fine banded design that creates the main centre piece of the ring, carrying from this the same four strands have been continually twisted to create the second half of the shank, both twisted ends of the shank cross over and point back up the middle section allowing the ring to open out. Rare and in very fine condition.

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Treasures of ancient Latvia, edited by Anna-Bitner-Wroblewska, Warsawa 2007, nr. 1064, Finger-ring with twisted front silver, D 2.5X2.3 cm stray find Mazstraupe, Cesis Distr. 1000-1200 AD, inv. no. RDM I 767.