Baltic Finns tortoise fibula chain ornament
Latvian viking woman wearing full jewelry

A Baltic viking bronze tortoise brooch and hanger

A superb (Baltic) viking tortoise brooch and accompanying hanger, worn near the shoulder of a high status viking woman. The brooch displays the familiar raised diamond shape with five prominent nodes and small holes highlighting the diamond shape. The openwork hanger displays elaborate etched line decorations on the front, and remnants of other metal pieces on the bottom.

9th to 11th century

(115mm long including brooch and hanger, and the brooch itself is 60mm long).

Latvian viking woman wearing full jewelry


The drawings are from a display on a exhibtion, but yet not known by me, is where en when this exhibition took place, regrettably..

It shows that the bronze tortoise brooch and hanger I have was part of a far bigger ornamental necklace worn.. it must have been quite a weight wearing this for a woman !

Complete Latvian viking tortoise shell brooch chain set

A complete example excavated

This complete example excavated once was on sale on Ebay for 4000 dollars..

Although very beautiful, I did not only not considering buying it because of it's prize; the total intact state of the piece does make you think how it was excavated..

Maybe deliberately ripped out of a grave, I wouldn't have feel comfortable having it in my collection, the way this was found. 

Latvian viking tortoise fibula with hanger