Viking silver bracelet with punched decoration
Viking bracelet
Viking bracelet
Vikingsilver bracelet

Viking bracelet

A wonderful example of a Viking silver bracelet / arm-ring made from a single band of metal, with punched decoration covering the outside of the piece.

Found in Northern Norfolk, probably near Burnham Market, 9th or 10th century.


lenght width : 8 cm broad width from front to back of the bracelet : 5.5 cm

the band itself is 0.5 cm at the terminals and 2 cm at its broadest point in the middle.

the silver band itself is varying in thickness: at one terminal it is 2 mm thick, at the other terminal it is 3 mm thick. In the middle it is nearly 3 mm thick. Weight: 63.42 grams.

The form of the band of metal of the arm-ring looks like an arm-ring wich was found in the Silverdale hoard, although the dots and triangles decoration different.